Q1. I have problems with using XEVATECH product, what should I do first?

Should you encounter any errors when using the XEVATECH product, please do the following:
● Read the user manual and the quick installation guide carefully. Check the network connection and the network settings of the product.
● Check the power supplier if was correct to the products.
● Read the FAQ and the application notes on the XEVATECH website, you may find a solution to your problem.
● Download the latest product firmware or utility for the product and try again.
● Report your questions to the sales who you contact to filling the Support Form.

If your problems could not be solved by the above steps, please contact the dealer/ retailer/ e-tailer/ system integrator or the distributor from whom you purchased the unit or XEVATECH for immediate service. Please note that the defective product should be returned to the original authorized seller only.

Q2.How do I contact Technical Support?

You can contact XEVATECH Technical Support by the following ways:
● On-line Support
Please ask our sales who server you for the technical support form and send this form to: support@xevatech.com
● Real-time Support
You may also contact our Technical Support by Skype during the service hours:
Skype: xevatech

Q3. How will Technical Support help me?

One of our professional technicians will help you solve the problem to make sure your product works properly. The technician will determine whether the problem is the result of the product, and verify if your product contains a defect, and your product is under warranty. If your product is confirmed to be defective, you will be advised to contact the dealer/ retailer/ e-tailer/ system integrator or the distributor where you purchased the unit for repair.

Q4. Can you determine if my unit is under warranty from the product serial number?

No. Your product warranty depends on when you purchased your unit and whether you have a proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or packing slip) from XEVATECH but is not related to the product serial number. You need to present your proof of purchase in order to verify your product is under warranty.

Q5. May I replace my defective product with a different model?

No. XEVATECH will repair a defective product under warranty or replace it with the same model only if the defected products are stopped production any more.

Q6. Is damage from a thunderstorm covered under the warranty?

No. The warranty does not cover natural disasters. We recommend you plug your product into a surge protector before use.

Q7. Does the warranty period start over after repair or replacement?

No, your warranty continues from the original date of purchase.

Q8. My XEVATECH device is returned to repair, how long is the warranty period of the repaired products?

Products repaired by XEVATECH shall be warranted for three (3) months from the date printing of invoice, or the remainders of the initial warranty period, whichever is longer. This warranty is valid only for same defective parts return for repair, not for the whole machine or the other parts.

Q9. Do I need to register my product for warranty?

No, only proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or packing slip) and product serial number are required to get warranty service.

Q10. Does XEVATECH provide warranty for the software/firmware bundled with XEVATECH products?

No, we will try our best to fulfill our customer’s needs, but XEVATECH expressly disclaims any warranty for software/firmware. If you encounter any problems with the software/firmware XEVATECH provided, please contact our Technical Support.

Q11. I bought a XEVATECH product but cannot install my hard drives, what should I do?

Since XEVATECH only provide diskless units, we recommend you to check our compatibility list to choose the certified hard drives. If you have compatibility issues with the hard drives, please contact our Technical Support. We will do our best to help you.

Q12. If my data stored on XEVATECH unit are missing, can I ask XEVATECH for data recovery?

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to make backup copies of his/ her data. We recommend you to back up the important data periodically.